Smart Jewelry – Beauty and Inteligence

What is Smart Jewelry?

Imagine wearing beautiful, luxurious jewelry. Then imagine that jewelry doing more than just look good. What if it could connect you to your loved ones, track your fitness, and light up your mood? That’s smart jewelry! It’s the perfect blend of style and tech. Smart jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes, from rings and bracelets to necklaces and even bigger creations. It is a combination of grandeur and technology, splendor and practicality.

The magic behind it is that the jewelry is equipped with some sort of CPU usually in the setting. And that gives the gem capabilities that normally are considered to be attributes of smartphones and computers. The jewelry has become smart.

What can smart rings, earrings, and necklaces do?

Smart jewelry can track your fitness, alert you to your phone, and connect you to your soulmate. They can measure your health and wellness, such as your activity, sleep, stress, and heart rate. Much like many other smart devices, smart jewelry needs to be paired with your phone. Therefore many of them can access notifications, payments, voice assistants, and music from the smartphone. And of course, they can send and receive messages.

Two more fields in which smart jewelry is outstanding:

1. Payments. Especially smart rings can be used to perform payments similar to contactless cards, smart cards, and mobile phones. They are even safer than most cards as many use biometrics and key code entry to ensure safe transfers. The risk of forgetting or losing your device is also significantly less if it is attached to your finger.

2 Security. Some jewelry can call preprogrammed telephone numbers in case of a distress situation, while others have a built-in high-volume siren to call for attention if needed.

How does smart jewelry work?

smart jewelry

Much like other many smart devices, smart jewelry needs pairing with a smartphone. Here it’s obvious that the size of the gadget has a significant impact on how much tech you can put into it. Even though standalone smart jewelry exists, they have limited functions. So, prepare to have to pair your new ring or necklace with your phone.

Anything smart still needs a battery, and as batteries in later years have developed rapidly, especially small lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries, they offer a reasonable energy supply even for very small things. Smart jewelry typically lasts several days between recharges, but not more than that.

The technology inside is of various types. First, as already explained, we need pairing. And for that, you normally use Bluetooth. Some smart jewelry uses NFC (near-field communication) but in that case, the piece is not continuously connected to your phone. Instead, you need to save and manage, pictures and messages and other data on your phone.

Then inside the jewelry, there are various sensors to measure physical phenomena, such as motion, temperature, or heart rate. To that, there could be lights and sounds through speakers, as well as a camera or a microphone. Some smart jewelry is equipped with GPS and even a cellular module that can call 9111 in case of an emergency.

The different pieces

Smart rings

Rings are big in the smart jewelry world. They come in both masculine and feminine styles. There are many different types:

  • Fitness tracking smart rings: They monitor your health and wellness, such as your activity level, sleep quality, stress level, and heart rate.
  • Contactless payment smart rings: These are rings that can store and transmit your payment information, such as your credit card or digital wallet. You can use them to pay for goods and services without touching your phone or card.
  • Safety alarm smart rings: I’ve talked about these before. Capable of sending an emergency signal to your contacts or authorities when you are in danger or need help, they are really useful. Some even share your exact location and have microphones and speakers to let you communicate with the responders.

Smart bracelets and necklaces

We have merged necklaces and bracelets into one category. They can have all kinds of functions, most of which are the same as the rings. One different feature exists when it comes to necklaces… They can have a camera installed. Just like a Mission Impossible movie, you can film your adversaries without them knowing about it. To tell you the truth though, it is often difficult to get a got shot with a necklace if you don’t grab it and direct it towards the target and focus on it.

Other types are bracelets and necklaces that monitor your health and wellness, such as your heart rate, pulse, and activity level.

Notification smart necklaces and bracelets receive notifications, alerts, or reminders through pairing with your smartphone.

And lastly, just like the safety alarm rings, some bracelets can send an emergency signal to your contacts or authorities when you are in danger or need help.

Smart earrings

Smart earrings can possibly do most of what other smart jewelry can. But since they are attached to your ear, they have some pros that others don’t.

They can play music or take calls directly to your ear.

Moreover, today there are smart earrings that can act as earphones and voice assistants. They have a CPU that can process the audio signals from the microphone, connect them to your smartphone, and then send it all back to the speaker. They could even in some way be regarded as hearing aid, although not projected as such.

Other smart jewelry

smart jewelry

And of course, there are many, many more types of smart jewelry. And new pieces are introduced almost every day. They more or less all follow the same pattern. A very small computer inside the stone or in the setting, which connects to your smartphone or iPhone.

Pendants, buttons, and brooches. Fixed jewelry, like brooches, is perfect for cameras if they are attached in a forward direction. Many can have security functions, and many don’t require a phone call to your rich uncle or a mortgage. Smart jewelry is often more accessible than real gems. They use artificial or synthetic gems to keep the cost and weight down. Still, there are exceptions to this rule, and if you can afford it and you’re not afraid to do a bit of research, you can find real gemstones with smart technology.


Smart jewelry is a very new and interesting part of the wearable tech market. Up until now, the size has been a problem. As stated before, you can only fit so much inside a small package. With time the size and efficiency of CPUs, memories, and batteries, will diminish that problem, and we will have more advanced and smaller pieces in the future.

The development of possible features in this sector is gaining terrain, and you should definitely stay tuned not to miss out on updates.

Now let’s look into what’s already on the market