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Daisy – The hero dog

Daisy was no ordinary dog. She was a service dog who had a special bond with her owner, and unfortunately, her owner suffered from epilepsy. She could sense when he was about to have a seizure and fetch his medication. She also wore a nifty gadget called a FIDO vest, which stood for Facilitating Interactions for Dogs with Occupations. It was a project that aimed to help working dogs communicate with humans using technology. The vest had buttons that Daisy could press to send messages to her owner’s phone or call 911.
One day Daisy smelled smoke in the kitchen. She ran to the living room and pressed the button that said “Fire”. Her owner got the message on his phone and grabbed Daisy and ran out of the house. The fire department came soon after and put out the fire, which was caused by a toaster that had gone rogue. Daisy saved her own, and her owner’s life. And she probably prevented the house from burning down to the ground.

Scott Kilian – Saved by a watch

Scott Killian was a lawyer with a heart problem. He had done all the tests, and they showed he was in good shape. Still, he had bought an Apple Smart Watch to keep track on his ticker. One night, an installed app on his phone called HeartWatch woke him up. His resting heart rate was 121 beats per minute. His usual rate was 49. He ran to his car and drove as fast as he could to the nearest hospital. There, they hooked him up to an EKG machine but it showed nothing wrong. Still, his heart rate was too high. It matched his Apple Watch.
A blood test revealed something else. His very high enzyme levels showed that he was having a heart attack in that moment, or he had just had one. More tests showed he had four clogged arteries, and that he imediately needed four stents to unclog them. His surgeon said if he had slept through the night, he would have been dead by morning. His Smart Watch saved his life by alerting him and waking him up.